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Membership and Orientation Rides


Come ride with us!

USTR's annual club membership (without trail tag) is $25 for individuals and $35 for a family.   
A BRCES trail tag is an extra $35 for individuals or $70 for family. 

The Trail Tag gives you access to almost 900 acres of scenic trail riding in western Loudoun County. Click the link below to join with your credit card.

Once you've joined and paid for a BRCES' trail tag, contact our BRCES' Orientation Ride Coordinator, Sandy (see below), to schedule your orientation ride. We look forward to seeing you out on the trails!

Members who join after September 1st, get membership through the end of the following year.

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ORIENTATION RIDES: Riding at the Blue Ridge Center

If you are a new member or a seasoned member who hasn't purchased a trail tag in the past, before you can ride at the Blue Ridge Center you must participate in an orientation ride with one of USTR's approved orientation ride guides. On your orientation ride you'll ride all the Center's trails at a walk with a seasoned member, who will educate you on the various loops and routes, and club guidelines. The ride will take est. 2.5-3 hours. If all goes well, at the end of the ride you'll receive your trail pass and combination to the Sawmill Parking lot gate.

To schedule an orientation ride of the Blue Ridge Center trails once you've received your membership materials, please contact our Orientation Ride Coordinator.  To ensure you get out on the trails as soon as you're ready, we have a great group of orientation ride leaders who are able to ride at various times during the week.

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Member Notes & News

Member Notes

Locking the Gate at the Sawmill Parking Lot at BRCES: Members please note that there are 2 locks on the chain - ours and Dominion Power's. When you lock the gate, make certain both locks can open the chain.  For an example of the correct way to lock the gate, see the picture on the right. Thank you for your cooperation!

How can you get more involved in the Club and meet more members?
  • Join our Facebook page and/or Yahoo Group and chat with other members

  • Come to our monthly meetings - join us for dinner beforehand!

  • Volunteer to help out at one of our benefit rides

  • Volunteer to help coordinate our annual picnic or Christmas party

  • Help out with trail maintenance at one of our organized trail days

  • Ride the BRCES trails!


The State of Virginia owns part of the Blue Ridge property.   We are waiting for state funding for changes but in the mean time, the Blue Ridge Center and USTR manage trails and policies.